Two signs you need to start using a business storage facility

Many things and circumstances can indicate that it's time to begin using a business storage facility. Here are just a few signs that indicate it's time to start considering business storage. 

1. You want to hire more staff but your office is crammed 

Whilst a lot of businesses have gone fully digital, others have to keep hard copies of their client files and other essential documents. Over time, the filing cabinets that contain this paperwork tend to get fuller and fuller and business owners may find that they need a dozen or more of these cabinets to contain all of their important paperwork.

Say your office now features a dozen or more filing cabinets and you desperately need to hire more staff but are putting off doing this because there is no more space. If you can't provide space and additional supplies for your new hires, then you should contact a business storage facility. You can arrange to put all of your cabinets that are important but not regularly used into one of the facility's units.

This would not only create the office space you need to start hiring new staff but would also potentially mean that the documents in these filing cabinets would be far less likely to go missing or be stolen because the security features employed by business storage facilities tend to be very high-tech and reliable —more so than those found in the average office building. 

2. Your premises need to be renovated

If your premises desperately needs to be renovated but you have a lot of expensive business equipment that you are worried will get destroyed if you leave it in the building whilst the renovation takes place, then you should temporarily store it in one of these facilities. For example, if you own a bakery and have some valuable commercial stand mixers and bread machines, you don't want anything to happen to them during the renovation process. Nor would you want machines used to prepare food to be contaminated with construction debris.

This would mean that your renovation contractor could do their work, unencumbered by the presence of valuable business goods that they know they need to avoid breaking whilst they are, for example, tearing out floors, shattering old tiles, and fitting new shelves.

If you are facing growing pains, local business storage services can help. You can contact local storage companies to learn more about pricing.