The Skills and Tools You Need From a C-Suite Executive

The time will come when your start-up business is not worthy of the name 'start-up'. By this time, you will have scaled the heights of the markets, acquired a significant section of the market and achieved many objectives you set out to achieve. This period of exponential growth and organisational movement requires you to have the right management team. Think about recruiting C-suite executives with the right set of skills and adequate experience for scaling your business even further. The term C-suite typically refers to a cluster of senior executives in an organisation. Examples include the chief financial officer (CFO) and the chief operating officer (COO). These executives must have the following skills: 

Knowledge of the Business Enterprise

If you want to hire an efficient C-suite executive, he or she must have a good understanding of the business on a larger scale. Better yet, the person should have good knowledge of the industry within which your enterprise operates. 

Business knowledge is an essential tool for any C-suite executive. When you hire someone with this tool, he or she has a 'bigger picture' perspective of your business. They look at your business as an ongoing concern, focusing on inherent risks, legislation and potential opportunities even where growth seems impossible. 

People Management 

The ability to manage people effectively is a must-have for any C-suite executive. Enterprises cannot thrive and sustain profitability if you are not managing your people well. No people, no profits! For C-suite executives, you need someone who can manage and then lead your employees. Managing employees ensures that they execute their routine duties well. On the other hand, leadership is a broader role where your executive can inspire innovation, commitment and creativity within teams. They do this by articulating the objectives of your business clearly, making your employees eager to help grow the business. 

Building Relationships

Your business will only thrive if it can build good relationships with other stakeholders. Successful enterprises are often part of larger ecosystems that help them succeed. On that note, good C-suite executives know how to nurture these relationships for the good of the firm. They will make sure that your enterprise is always in the good books of suppliers, legislators, tax authorities and other relevant entities. 

Hiring the right C-suite executive is no mean feat. It would help if you had someone who can deliver on all the elements mentioned here. An executive search firm will come in handy when you want a top-level manager to steer your business to the next level. Contact a company like Wyman Bain Ltd to learn more.